Mary was donated at Sheffield Cathedral in 2015. She is named after her bride.

Mary Radford married Albert Whitaker on the 21st December 1940, at St Hilda, Shiregreen, Sheffield.

Mary met Albert in the September, when he came back from Dunkirk. He'd spent 2 days in the water helping soldiers on to the boats, his boots had rotted due to the water and when Mary met him he was wearing carpet slippers. 

Albert and another solider had been billeted at Mary's friends house while they convalesced. Albert was originally from Benridding on the North Yorkshire Moore's.

The night before the wedding there was a bombing raid on Sheffield and the church had it's windows blown out. As Mary walked down the isle, attendants at the church were still sweeping up the glass.

Fast forward to December 2015 at Sheffield Cathedral.

Mary and Albert's daughter Ann came along to a 1940's event with a box which contained a wedding gown. This was the first time since 1940 that the box had been opened, it had been passed from attic to attic and Ann wanted her mothers dress and story to be seen and told. 

When we opened the box there was the gown, veil, headdress, photo and horseshoes. It has now been seen around the UK and the story of Mary and Albert is know.

When the sirens sounded the only thing that Mary took with her was the box, tied with string, containing her most precious memory.

Mary and Albert had a long and happy life together.