Edith is one of my babies. She was discarded in a carboot junk box.

Edith was purchased for £2.00, she was in need of a wash, new buttons and some TLC.

I wouldn't normally advise washing an item so old and delicate in a washing machine but in Edith's condition I couldn't do much else.

She came out white and in one piece, I could now see the full extent of the damage I would have to work with. 

Most of the loops on the bodice of the dress were damaged. I now had to decide do I start undoing seams and replacing or try my best to repair. I decided on the latter as I felt that this was a war wound that needed to be kept.

There is still two rust stains on the back of the dress which I decided not to try and remove. There is always a risk that old fabric will become damaged beyond repair.

Edith is now one of our most commented on dresses from the collection.