Our Displays

Small display

Our Small display is ideal for very small venues.

It usually consists of 3 gowns and table top display.

Medium Display

This size is what we use for talks as well as events. 

It usually contains 7 gowns, CC41 ladies suit, bridesmaid dresses and table top display. 

The men's side can be added on request.

Large Display

The large display usually contains 11 gowns, CC41 ladies suit, men's RAF uniform, men's 3 piece suit, bridesmaid dresses and table top display.



We are available during the week to attend meetings, schools and nursing/care homes. To give talks on our collection of gowns and accessories.

The talk contains not only information on the dresses, but information regarding clothing rationing and Food rationing.

We would normally say that it would last around 45 minutes to an hour. 30 minutes for the talk, with 15-30minutes for questions and answers and having a closer look at the display.

Display for Events

We have attended some of the biggest 1940s events in the UK. We have also been involved with events that are non 40s related and wanted us to enhance the experience for the public.

If you would like us to attend your event please get in touch using the booking form below.

When displaying every effort is made to make sure we are available for the public to ask us questions and talk to us about there experiences at all times.

Please note that we do request that an indoor space be provided for us to display in.

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